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5 Places for A Date With Live Music in Brooklyn

The vibe in Brooklyn for music is similar to the atmosphere in Manhattan. While you might be going far from your normal hang out spots, the hidden gems in Brooklyn are worth it. In many ways they are as yet undiscovered so you’re getting a more authentic experience. Money can buy many things but there’s something about less commercialism and smoke and mirrors when it comes to the arts. These spots in Brooklyn to see live music are intimate venues that allow you to see some great acts.

Here, you’ll see the best little indie rock bands your friends don’t know about yet. You get your hands on the pulse of something real. You get to be close to the stage too.

The Bell House

This is a great hip place for those who like staying up late. The club sits on a desolate street, giving it that underground feel. This is the Bell House, a music and bar venue. Located in Gowanus, it has two bars in its spacious interior. There is one that is a more intimate affair, located in the front room (which is ornate and quaint). The other bar sits in the performance area, a lot more open. There are over 20 bourbons to choose from here. The booked talent is independent, and you can take in bands, dance parties, and comedians here.


This is a special place indeed. It was a big part of the city’s 1980’s downtown scene known for its late nights and debauchery. Today, the venue is still an institution and an honor for musicians to get a chance to play in. It was in 2011 that Roulette moved into Brooklyn and into the Art Deco theatre which has been refurbished with all the bells and whistles. The main events here are jazz and experimental music. It’s just one of those unique places for the true music lover. If you and your date are looking for rare authenticity within the jazz scene, this is the place.

Music Hall of Williamsburg

This was originally the Northsix but was taken over by local promoter Bowery Presents. It was given a beautiful facelift and bookings were taken over by the promoter. When indie bands get more popular and have a larger following, this is where they upgrade to. It’s got a lot of space and a never-ending amount of great bands. Still, it feels intimate. This might have a lot to do with the fact that the space is three floors with three bars. A great spot for lovers of indie bands who don’t buy into the mainstream music scene.


There is off the cuff live music here almost every night as well as film showings and readings. People have good things to say about Slavic Soul Party. There is a sense that this place attracts real people which also indicates it’s welcoming and friendly. All that being said, there are classy acts and classy drinks. It’s a good vibe with the music but not so loud you won’t hear your date talking. While Brooklyn is out of the way, the back room (music venue space) is unique. It feels like you’re sitting in a living room and the band is there playing just for you (and the company you’re with.) There is an international assortment of music here with a jazz focus. Some have described it as a random gypsy carnival.

Kings Theatre

Step back in time and enjoy a show at Kings Theater. The Kings Theatre in Brooklyn has people from midtown coming for big names on a regular basis. The theater has over 3,000 seats and has been restored with respect. The renovation is impressive with gargoyles and that old craftsmanship that is so endearing. The building itself is an attraction to coming here. The acoustics are fantastic too. The trip from Manhattan isn’t too strenuous either. A bit of subway and five short blocks (if you want to go the fast route). The staff have also been highly revered by people who have come to the venue. They are described as incredibly friendly and exceeding expectations with how far they’re willing to go to be helpful. Even the security was said to be relaxed and well mannered.

Le Fanfare

This is a relatively new spot that is being talked about a lot. There are great cocktails and food. Saturday night is their jazz night. It’s an Italian restaurant where you can get divine eats and listen to some wonderful music. It is a very hip place that locals in Greenpoint are saying is the best place in the neighborhood. While they’d like to keep it a secret, the cat’s out of the bag. This is a must to experience. The flavors, the music, and the rustic atmosphere are a perfect combination for a date. They will like that you decided on a place that is at that perfect place in time. So fantastic, soon everyone will be going. Be the pioneer and check it out before it gets spoiled by over popularization.

Brooklyn might not be your norm but there is a unique vibe here that’s catching on. Exclusive music joints that have that underground appeal. Many New Yorkers with a great deal of money have a quandary about being wealthy and morally worthy. It might be nice to enjoy drinks at exclusive places most of the time but sometimes, you have to try new things. This is a place where you’re not seeking status which can feel kind of freeing. Avoid the superficial markers of what you’re worth and just enjoy a different spice of life. There is a great music experience waiting for you in a non-fussy atmosphere in Brooklyn. Seize it.



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