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Face and Body By Runchana – Our Favorite Facials and Skin Treatments in New York

I love a good facial, not just a fufu facial; something with merit that is backed by research and experience, not simply someone massaging my skin with a product they are then going to then ask me to purchase at the end of the appointment.  And believe it or not, this can be incredibly hard to find in Manhattan, where you have almost too many choices for spas, estheticians, and skin care boutiques claiming to cater to big name celebrities and insisting they have the answer to all your skincare needs.  It’s hard enough to find someone who is a good fit for you without all the extra white noise of Manhattan glamour, celebrity endorsements, and product pushers claiming to have the next great thing for your skin (and let’s be clear: I hate product pushers).  
Runchana Ball – Owner of Face and Body by Runchana

And that’s why I’m so grateful to have found Runchana.

Skin care has always been important to me; learning how to take care of my skin and also helping others take care of theirs is something I am extremely passionate about.  I dedicate time to doing a lot of research on techniques, estheticians, spas, and products to make sure results are backed up by solid data and science.  I don’t just go to Nieman’s or Sak’s and buy the most expensive over the counter cosmetics they offer, because they frequently don’t deliver actual results.  If you want real results while living in Manhattan, you need to make an appointment with Runchana.
She has some truly amazing treatments: oxygen facials to really hydrate your skin with pure hyaluronic acid, the treatment infused deep inside your pores through her oxygen machine…it gives your skin amazing hydration and an immediate glow.  And that’s just the beginning; she has other machines and tools that she uses to customize treatments of all kinds of skin issues.  I personally have mild rosacea, and I have found her rezenerate treatments and PCA peel very helpful for my skin, and then of course she also does the standard microdermabrasion to remove the dead skin before it has a chance to pile on.
Runchana knows skin, and she really gets to know your own skin’s needs when you lay down on her bed.  I never have to worry about her doing too much or too little, and never have to deal with product pushing or pressure to upgrade to extra services.  She determines what she thinks you need, and then gets down to work in a spa that is peaceful and private (you are the only one there while she is working).
It boils down to this: in a city full of product pushers and journeymen estheticians, Runchana is truly one of a kind.  She is not only extremely knowledgeable, she clearly loves what she does!  That is something money can’t buy.  And that love, combined with her incredible skill and expertise, means that each of her clients are treated with great care and the highest level of professionalism…and the results speak for themselves.


Where to Find Her:
22 E 21st St #4f, New York, NY 10010


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