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Dating Ideas in Brooklyn

This densely populated area of NYC has nearly 3 million people living in it. The borough is stuffed full of great things to do. It can be cheap or expensive, it’s really up to you. Brooklyn has so many things to do that the main problem is choosing. The list of places to eat, drink, and do, is constantly growing. Here are some of the top places as of late to go for a date that will nurture the potential for a romantic connection.

Go For a Walk

There are plenty of places to go for a walk in Brooklyn to get to know someone. The Brooklyn Botanical garden is tucked away in Prospect Park. There are over 50 acres of garden here that includes rose gardens, tropical plants (in the conservatory) and cherry blossoms. The Brooklyn Heights Promenade boasts beautiful views of the Manhattan skyline. There are places to eat nearby here as well. Table 87 offers to-die-for pizza. If you’re just into having a drink, go to Floyd to quench your thirst and play a game of bocce.

Waterside Dining

If you want to impress your date, take her to The Water Table. It is aboard an old vintage Navy Yard Patrol boat. The captain is from Maine and offers a signature New England three-course meal. He will take you from Greenpoint to the Hudson. The cabin (or restaurant) is wood-paneled and dishes include corn chowder, vegetable and goat cheese pie, mussels, and applewood-smoked ham. There are also plenty of fabulous cocktails that are infused with bitters that were popular in the 1940’s (the same era as the ship).

Dining Experiences Brooklyn Locals Recommend

Brooklyn singles are going to be in the know about where to go and this is what they had to say. Yenkichi, a Japanese Restaurant has private booths which makes for an intimate dining experience. The service is great and the dishes are all deemed wonderful by sushi lovers. St. Mazie gets credit for their live music and intimate candlelight atmosphere. It’s said to be a relaxed but fun date spot with the opportunity to dance or just chill out in the cozy garden area. Locanda Vini and Olii is an authentic Italian restaurant with an intimate atmosphere. It’s a good place to induce romance due to its atmosphere. The food is said to be excellent also and you get Prosecco in a ceramic jug.

Whiskey and Chocolate Tour

Brooklyn offers this perfect tour of guilty pleasures. You and your date can sample whiskey and chocolate and Cacao Prieto in Red Hook. The tours happen on the weekends and last for an hour. You can check out how they make chocolate as well as distill rum and whiskey. Once you’ve warmed up with this venue, you can eat and drink at Fort Defiance. It’s just a block away and apparently, their cocktail menu is legendary.

Interesting Activities in Brooklyn

Do you dare get intimate with your date? If so, try this Illustrative Mapmaking class at Windsor Terrace. You explore the art of visual storytelling as a team. You try different techniques of art like drawing, painting, and stamping.

Go against the dating grain and check out the Green-Wood Cemetery if you dare. The particular allure is that it’s quiet here. You can do it on your own or take a Historic Trolley Tour where you can find out the small details of all who were buried here.

Try the new movie experience of having dinner with your movie. Syndicated is an establishment that is part theater and part restaurant. Food ranges from buttermilk fried chicken to hanger steak. Movies have included Natural Born Killer and Anchorman: The Legend of Ron Burgundy to name a few.

Brooklyn holds a lot of diversity when it comes to the people that live there. In each neighborhood, there is a different story. There are people with money, beach lovers, hipsters, people with not so much money and artists. Restaurants, events, and bars do a good job of meeting that diversity head-on. This is a great borough to fall in love with. Romance and adventure can be found in many nooks and crannies.



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