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Dating Ideas in Queens

Queens is a constant evolving neighborhood. From block to block, you can experience something different. There’s a vibrancy here with shiny high-rises that overlook the waterside of Gantry Plaza State Park. While it traditionally attracted artists and executives, non-locals are starting to move in. There are plenty of romantic settings here and fun attractions that ease the first date jitters. Here are some date night ideas in Queens that will conjure up romantic vibes.

Places to Meet Up for a Drink

A good first date place is Tru Lounge in Astoria. This is a great place to make conversation over refreshing beverages. It has a really nice view and delicious food.

The Standing Room is a tiny, narrow little space (read: intimate). There is a craft cocktail bar when you walk in. The drinks have an intriguing and unique appeal. The back half of the place is a comedy club so if the date is going well, you could move onto another phase of the night together.

The Sparrow Tavern is a low-key neighborhood pub with a garage-rock soundtrack. The upmarket pub food has received accolades and they run a really cool short-film competition every few months.

The Waltz-Astoria is the longest running open mike music night in Queens. You can check that out on a Tuesday or Wednesday night. As it’s a multi-use performance space, you could end up observing a magic show or a classical music performance. It’s a bit of a mixed bag for sure but that’s the beauty of it. Shows usually don’t cost anything but they do ask that you spend a minimum of $10.

Places to Eat

The Vesta Trattoria & Wine Bar gets a lot of recognition for its romantic setting. It’s a cozy and romantic neighborhood place nestled at 21-02 30th Ave (at 21st St). Once a hidden gem, this reasonable restaurant with incredible seasonal food is bustling. Plenty of first dates happen here.

Jack and Nellie’s is an intimate restaurant with limited seating. They have a big wine selection with tapas to match. A great place to start the date night. People say good things about the eggs benedict (if you happen to be meeting someone for a brunch date, this is a good place for it.)

Blend on the Water at Hunters Point in Queens is a romantic spot. There are big windows that allow you to view NYC across the water. The drinks are delicious and while the menu is simple, they offer good food. They have a live Latin band just to up the romantic ante.

Unique Things Specific to Queens

A Show at Forest Hills Stadium might just be the perfect date. While most people won’t head to a concert when they’re first dating, this place is different. The space was originally opened in 1923 and was once the former home of the U.S. Open. Recently renovated for concerts and events, it has general admission and bleacher seats. It’s an outdoor venue that feels quite intimate. There is an assortment of food trucks that offer great food and plenty of booze options. There’s a nice green area too where you and your date can chill out and get to know each other.

Walking at the Long Island City Piers is something exclusively Queens. Coming here is a great thing to do after you’re finished dinner. This is especially true during the summer months. You’ll love the views of the Manhattan skyline and the gentle breeze that flows here. It’s so romantic that many a marriage proposal has been done here.

The Socrates Sculpture Park is a nice venue, especially during the summer months. They hold movies there in the evenings. For another great view of the city, Gantry Plaza State Park is a romantic setting with its mist fountain and surrounding gardens. Don’t miss out the Queens Botanical Gardens for a peaceful setting to get to know one another.



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