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Dating Life of a Millionaire & Billionaire Jetsetter!

Jetsetter dating lifestyleWhat do you do when you are so busy and live a lifestyle that’s constantly on the go. You are wealthy, you have a few homes across the continent, or you are bi-coastal and you don’t have the need to just date in one city because you are not limited by state boundaries. You may be spending six months in NYC, six months in London or three months in LA, three months in NYC, and the rest in Rome. These are the type of clients who are fit for what I call Jet set dating!

The Realities Of A Jetsetter’s Love Life

Throughout life, men go through stages and phases. There is a phase when a man really yearns for commitment and a long-term relationship, then there is a phase where he may only want to date a bunch of people, and there is a phase where he may not want to do either and just have an arm candy who can accompany him to special events, business luncheons, and on various business travels. He doesn’t seek a deeper commitment or attachment. He wants to be able to take a woman out, show her a good time, maybe have amazing sex afterward, and the next day, fly to another city or country. As long as the other person is okay with this, this type of relationship works!

What’s Your Jetsetter Dating Style?

There are three types of jet-setters looking to date and each has their own quest!

Love of a lifetime quest: is the type really looking for a relationship and is wanting to date someone who is flexible and can live the lifestyle he prefers. He wants someone who can travel with him and split their time between continents or be bicoastal. This person is looking for a relationship and is open to meeting lots of women across the states or continents to find that person!

Dating around the globe: This type of man is more into dating only and wants to have a ton of fun during this phase of his life! They are not looking for a relationship but rather looking to have a good time and date women who like to be wined and dined, have intelligent conversations with a beautiful woman. He wants beauty and brains! This man is all about luxury and pampering the woman he dates. He may be in NYC for a weekend and in Rome the next weekend is looking for a beautiful woman to accompany him to events, show him around the city, go shopping, relax at the pool, and lots more. He has a lot of friends and takes his friendships seriously. Women cannot expect to get a commitment out of this man but his friendship will be great to have!

Belle & Beau of the ball: A man who wants to only date models! Nothing wrong with that. This guy doesn’t really want a commitment but is more about arm candy! He wants a model to accompany him to all his business and social events wherever he goes. Whether it is NYC, Rome, London, Miami, he wants to only date models! He doesn’t care how smart she is. He cares about how she looks, and can she hold a basic conversation and make him look good in front of others! He wants his date to turn heads! It doesn’t matter if he and her even speak the same language. Nothing wrong with that in our books….you are in charge of your own life and you can do, date, and have fun with whomever you want and we make this happen for you!

Regardless of your style, you’re busy and finding the right companion is the job of a qualified matchmaker.