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Dating Over The Holidays

Dating Over The Holidays

img-joinLet’s face it: holidays can get tricky when it comes to relationships.  And there are different pitfalls every step of the way, whether you’re a newly minted couple, or have been together for a few years.

I get asked about things all the time.

For singles, everyone wants to know how they can meet that special someone in time to have a perfect date for New Year’s Eve.  And it can also be really, really difficult to get through the season if you’re sort of the Lone Ranger while all of your friends have a plus one to the holiday parties.  But you  need to let go of any feelings of hopelessness right now!  Because believe it or not, people are in relationship mode more than ever during this time of year; surrounded by families and friends and soaking up all that romantic ambiance under the mistletoe.

If you’re newly in a relationship, there can be a lot of pressure to figure out what is and isn’t appropriate in terms of time spent together, and the all-important gift exchange.  I’ve seen many new relationships crash and burn because one or both parties terrified the other by giving a gift that was way too over the top too soon…but I’ve also seen relationships struggle if no gift is given at all.  So it’s a fine balance.

And for those in established relationships, it’s difficult at times to know how to properly allocate your time.  Properly determine which events you attend together, which you attend separately, whose friends you see when, and whose families get your attention on which days.  Do you spend the holiday together?  Do you split up to your respective families?  

Lots of decisions to make!

Luckily, I discuss all of this with Men’s Fitness.  So head on over to that article for the best advice and tips for navigating the holiday season, no matter what your relationship status is.

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