Intelligent Love:
The Journey From Me to We


The Journey from “Me to We” was developed as the only program of its kind that uses a proprietary methodology to guide individuals to be their personal best as a life-partner, based in science, psychology, practical wisdom and 17 years of in field experience!

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This cohort coaching program is a set of mentoring sessions developed by Joy Nordenstrom to prepare you to be ready to call in your most perfect partner, become identifiable as someone who is equally ready to be the kind of partner worth showing up 100% for if they get the opportunity to be with you. And to instill the keys to set the stage for your budding relationship’s future success.

Before I tell you all about this program, let’s talk about who this is really for…

  • Are you currently single and dating with the desire to find your forever one and be in a long-term committed relationship?

  • Is your “partner picker on?” Do you have the skills to quickly assess if someone has what it takes to potentially be a good candidate to become your everlasting partner?

  • Are you currently confident enough to pique the interest of a new potential partner and hold their attention through the critical early days of romance?

If you said “No” to any of these questions, then

You're in the right place!

The Journey from Me to will give you the tools, inspiration, and unparalleled support on your journey to creating and sustaining a successful relationship.

By the end of this program you will learn how to...


Choose wisely and set the stage to co-create a thriving relationship. 


Gain the self-knowledge of what it means for you, as a partner, to choose wisely when it comes to picking your next and hopefully lasting partner…….and


Establish a rock-solid foundation from which to grow your budding relationship and proactively make it thrive.

But above all else...

The Journey from Me to We program will establish in you a confidence to quickly notice what patterns in a potential partner are designed to work in harmony with yours and which might pose a future challenge.

What You Will Receive On This Journey

  • 13 one-on-one, 90-minute sessions custom tailored to schooling you on your top relationship patterns, including the chemistry, biology and neuroscience of why you are unique and to show there is no one-size-fits-all model when it comes to your Relationship Blueprint

  • Exercises that incorporate scientific-based protocol designed to open your mind to possibilities, become more curious and guide you to establish new healthy habits as a partner

  • A way to expand those exercises based in neuroscience which initially will help form positive habits to do while single and convert them into practices you can incorporate with your new partner to strengthen the core foundation of your relationship from the very beginning

  • Resources which will allow you to do a deeper dive into each individual pattern, if you’d like to continue to learn and grow more

  • Lessons on how to be your most attractive and authentically flirtatious self, as you are meeting new potential matches

  • Facial reading assessment – using three different facial reading modalities – to decipher on a physical level why you are drawn to one set of characteristics in a potential match you find attractive and would want to date verse someone who is close but not quite someone who turns you on chemistry-wise

  • Special sessions designed to clear your underlying self-limiting beliefs and evolve into who you want to become as you grow from past hurt and trauma into your best self as a partner and the three custom guided visualizations and meditations for eliminating those beliefs that are no longer serving your greater purpose

  • Final Relationship Pattern Assessment Session – a 90-minute session painting the picture told by the overarching umbrella of patterns and then dives deep into which patterns are just core to who you are as a partner.

Meet Your New Personal Coaching Experts

Sameera Sullivan

Sameera is the lead matchmaker at Sameera Sullivan Matchmakers. She has played a role in the creation of countless deep and lasting relationships.  Sameera has helped so many singles through a process far beyond the realm of “matchmaking” via her own proprietary techniques and philosophies in relationship coaching. Sameera routinely consults with highly discerning, multi-millionaire singles looking for their best lasting connection as well as individuals who have spent years feeling stuck in their ability to connect with a long term partner. This program offers the rare opportunity for you to consult with Sameera one-on-one for up to 30 minutes to talk about your situation. 

Joy Nordenstrom

Joy will be your long term personal guide on your own journey. With over fifteen years of experience as a relationship mentor and a private investigator for her client’s hearts, Joy Nordenstrom, founder of Joy of Romance, Inc., loves love and guiding individuals to become their best self in their relationships. Whether they’re single and looking for love, or in a partnership wanting it to be the best it can be, Joy mentors her clients to discover their unique blueprint for who they are as a partner. When single, this coaching journey to discover their top ten relationship patterns is called “The Book of Me: As a Partner” and when they’re in a relationship, collaboratively she works with the couple to create their personalized playbook for relationship success called “The Book of Us: As a Couple.” Joy prepares her clients to be ready to have the most incredible relationships of their lives!


Ready To Take The Next Step?

The path to becoming the person who draws your ideal partner to you starts with a call. If you’re serious about learning about yourself and how you can overcome the obstacles that have held you back from finding the right one then we are ready to talk to you. The first call is complimentary and you’ll get to spend up to 30 minutes speaking directly with Sameera Sullivan herself. If our program seems like a fit, you’ll get the opportunity to work one on one with Joy Nordenstrom in her proprietary psychology based coaching program.

Find Love Today

Nothing can compare to the satisfaction we feel when we help a client find love. There can be no job more satisfying. Myself and each of my matchmakers simply thrive when we see the happiness our clients exude; but a successful “match” to many agencies often means something as simple as someone you are compatible enough with to date for a while. It takes so much more than that to find a lasting connection. That’s why we work hard to find more than your match.