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Politics and Dating

politics relationshipsIt’s no secret this election season has been highly emotional and extremely controversial on almost every level. Even the calmest, most rational of voters seem unable to avoid getting pulled into the fray.

Maybe you’ve found yourself having disagreements with lifelong friends for the first time over politics. Perhaps you’ve even had to go so far as to hit that proverbial unfriend button on various social media profiles!

Well…would you believe that we, in the matchmaking industry, are feeling an impact too?

It’s true!

Clients have begun requesting that we add a new question to our interviews when vetting potential matches: Who are you voting for in the presidential race?  And yes, since adding that question there are clients who have refused to meet someone who was perfect for them on every other level because of who they were voting for.

Politics & Relationships

Not only that; we’ve seen relationships that were extremely happy and fulfilling come to an end because the couple disagreed on who to vote for.

It’s becoming quite the phenomenon!  Feels like there isn’t any corner of our lives this campaign season won’t touch.

And because we believe that the only way we can serve our clients well is by understanding how current events are influencing a person’s perspective and way of thinking, Lasting Connections now wants to conduct a brief survey.  We want to study the election’s impact on romantic relationships, and to do that we need your vote!

Below is a survey that should only take about five minutes of your time.  But it’s five minutes that will go a long way towards helping us better understand the impact this election season is having on both current and future clients.

Thank you!  And Happy November!

Does Politics Impact Your Relationship? Take our survey below or use this link. We’ll share our results with survey takers after election day.
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