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Meetup Points for Dating in New York City

Gone are the days where a man would pick up a lady from her place in New York City. It’s far more prevalent for people to meet up somewhere. This usually happens at restaurant or bars in the borough of choice. It makes sense because many of the dates people go on now are with a relative stranger.

The majority of dates are a follow up of meeting people online so you don’t really know your date that well. You don’t want someone knowing where you live if you haven’t even seen them face to face yet. Meet up points are just safer.  It might also have a lot to do with the busy schedules of the two parties involved. If they can find a common place that is close to both of them, this is the best place to meet up.

There is no shortage of meet up points thanks to the thousands of bars and restaurants. As so many people are dating in NYC, establishments know they have to create an environment that is perfect for romance. With so many options, you’ll have to narrow it down with places that have an easy exit in the event the date is terrible. Are the drinks strong but not too strong? What is the ambiance like? Here are some of the top places for a meet up in different locations around NYC.

Lovers of Today

If it’s convenient for both parties to meet up in the East Village, Lovers of Today is a good choice. It’s a speakeasy that is located down an alley making it a little quieter than other bars in the area. The drink menu is fantastic and the staff is friendly. There is an intimate feeling here with lights dimmed down. One of the best drinks is the Hong Kong Garden. They have a happy hour until 8 pm where you can BOGO.

The Bearded Lady

In Prospect Heights, there’s a cute bar that sits on the corner of Washington called The Bearded Lady. It is easy to get to thanks to its location. The vibe is cozy and romantic with big windows and candles. The cocktails are good and they have fun appetizers. It’s quite a small place so it’s intimate and quiet. This way, you can actually get to know your date.

Shalel Lounge

On the Upper West Side, singles suggest the Shalel Lounge for its dark, candle-lit basement ambiance. It’s fun to take a date here especially if there’s a good chemistry going on between the two of you.

The Penrose

On the Upper East Side, The Penrose gets credit for great food and a nice drink selection. It’s more peaceful than other spots in the area so you can hear each other talk.


If you’re near Crown Heights, Berg’n is a great spot for a date. It’s actually a food hall which makes it less awkward when it comes to paying for your meal and drinks. You pay for your own. There’s a huge variety of food options so whatever you’re feeling life, you will probably find here. There always live music and plenty of seating so you’ll never have to wait to be seated. It’s a casual yet unique experience that takes a lot of hassle out of dating.

Henry’s Public

If you live in the Brooklyn area, Henry’s Public in Brooklyn Heights is a great meet up. It’s got a classic vibe and is perfect in the colder months. It’s got that dark wood that makes it feel warm and cozy. The cocktails are a bit pricey but if you’re just starting here, it’s worth the vibe.

Boulton & Watt

This big bar is another favorite for singles meeting up in the Lower East Side. You will probably always find space at their massive bar. There are tables too if you’d rather sit across from your date. The cocktails are fantastic and it feels like a fancy spot so you’ll impress your date with your meet up choice.

This spot is a good exit point place or a great place to extend the date. There are munchies here but if you’d rather go elsewhere, there are a lot of restaurants nearby. It has a cozy feeling that some would describe at ‘date-like’. The lighting is dim and it has wood paneling for that warm feeling while not being too dark because they have big windows.


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