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NYC Neighborhoods – Garment District

It is also known as the Garment Center, the Fashion District, or simply the Fashion Center. It is a district in the borough of Manhattan in the city of New York, and it is home to a number of fashion companies. The neighborhood gets its name from the high concentration of fashion-related businesses in the area. The area, which encompasses less than one square mile and extends from 34th to 42nd Streets between Fifth Avenue and Ninth Avenue, is commonly believed to be between Fifth Avenue and Ninth Avenue.

There are multiple significant fashion labels based in the district, and it is home to many of New York City’s showrooms. The neighborhood caters to all aspects of the fashion process, from design and production to wholesale marketing. Known as the “Garment District” since the early twentieth century, New York City’s Garment District has long been recognized as the nation’s and even the world’s premier center for fashion manufacturing and design.

With annual sales of $9 billion in 2011, New York City is the most important “global fashion city” in the United States. The Garment District in Manhattan serves as the industry’s nerve center, where the bulk of the city’s leading fashion labels have showrooms and carry out the entire fashion process, from design to production to wholesaling. There is no other city that has a comparable concentration of fashion enterprises and skill in a single district as New York City has.

The Garment District is home to a number of well-known designers, as well as their manufacturing facilities, warehouses, showrooms, and suppliers of fabric and materials, among other things. Numerous industry insiders believe that this dense concentration of talent, entrepreneurship, and supply stores acts like an ecosystem, in which each of the pieces contributes to maintaining the health of the whole. The Garment District is home to major fashion labels such as Carolina Herrera, Oscar de la Renta, Calvin Klein, Donna Karan, Liz Claiborne, Nicole Miller, Ben-Amun, and Andrew Marc, as well as showrooms, manufacturing facilities, and support offices for their respective brands.

While the Garment District has traditionally been known as the core of textile manufacturing, global trends have altered the way the fashion industry in the area operates. Over the previous 50 years, the garment manufacturing sector in New York City, and notably in the Fashion District, has seen a continuous decrease across the city as a whole and inside the Fashion District in particular. Because of high Manhattan rents, domestic manufacturers have been less competitive in the global economy, and clothing manufacturing has been outsourced to lower-cost international markets, the situation has deteriorated.



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