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NYC Neighborhoods – Kips Bay

Kips Bay, often known as Kip’s Bay, is a neighborhood in the New York City borough of Manhattan, located on the east side of the island. It is roughly bordered on the north by East 34th Street, on the east by the East River, on the south by East 27th and/or 23rd Streets, and on the west by Third Avenue. Kips Bay is a neighborhood in Manhattan’s Community District 6 (MCD 6). The New York City Police Department’s 13th and 17th Precincts are responsible for patrolling the area.
From what is currently 32nd Street to 37th Street, Kips Bay was an inlet of the East River that was formerly part of New York City. The bay extended into Manhattan Island to a point just west of what is now First Avenue, and it was fed by two streams that flowed into the island. The bay was named after Jacobus Hendrickson Kip, a New Netherland Dutch settler who was the son of Hendrick Hendricksen Kip, whose farm was located north of present-day 30th Street along the East River and was named for him. Despite the fact that the bay has been turned into reclaimed land, the location is still known as “Kips Bay.”
Located near the present intersection of Second Avenue and East 35th Street, Kip constructed a massive brick and stone residence. The home, which stood from 1655 to 1851 and had been enlarged several times, was the last farmhouse from New Amsterdam still standing in Manhattan at the time of its demolition. The year of the building’s first construction was remembered with iron figures embedded in the gable end masonry. While it was claimed that it was the first garden in the Thirteen Colonies to have grown the Rosa Gallica during the first President George Washington’s administration, when New York was serving as the nation’s first national capital city, it was claimed that it was the first garden in the Thirteen Colonies to have grown it during his first administration.

When it comes to census reasons, the New York City government considers Kips Bay as a component of a broader neighborhood tabulation area known as Murray Hill-Kips Bay, which includes many other neighborhoods. According to figures from the 2010 United States Census, the population of Murray Hill-Kips Bay was 50,742, representing a decrease of 2,323 from the previous census count of 48,419 people in 2000. The neighborhood had a population density of 151.5 inhabitants per acre, despite its size of 334.93 acres and population density of 334.93 acres. There were 66.6 percent white people in the neighborhood, 4.8 percent African Americans, 0.1 percent Native Americans, 16.2 percent Asians, 0.4 percent from other races, and 2 percent who were a mix of two or more ethnicities. Hispanic or Latino people of any race accounted for 9.9 percent of the population in the United States.



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