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NYC Neighborhoods – Murray Hill

On the east side of Manhattan, in the borough of New York City, there is a neighborhood known as Murray Hill. It is generally agreed that Murray Hill is bordered to the east by the East River or Kips Bay, and to the west by Midtown Manhattan, however the exact boundaries are highly contested. Murray Hill is located on a steep glacial hill that crested between Lexington Avenue and Broadway, and is surrounded by other steep glacial hills. In honor of Robert Murray, the patriarch of the Murray family, a merchant family that moved in the area in the late 18th century, the town was given its current name.
The Murray farm was established around 1762 and was in operation until at least the early nineteenth century. Murray Hill was largely secluded from the rest of New York City throughout the nineteenth century, which at the time was focused in Lower Manhattan. During the twentieth century, Murray Hill developed into an affluent area. In addition to cultural institutions such as the Morgan Library & Museum, it is home to various missions and consulates to the adjacent United Nations Headquarters in New York City. Architectural landmarks can also be found in the neighborhood, some of which are included inside the Murray Hill Historic District, which is both a city and national historic district.

Consider a group of recent college graduates who are out having a good time. Murray Hill is a little more affordable than the surrounding areas in Manhattan when compared to the rest of the city. There is a nightlife scene that promotes the “work hard, play hard” philosophy. There are more reasonably priced dining alternatives in this area, and the neighborhood is well-known for its numerous Indian restaurants (even with an area known as Curry Hill or Little India). The majority of the buildings are modern high rises, with a few brownstones tucked away on the quieter streets.

A mix of townhouses, modern apartment buildings, and businesses may be found on Murray Hill’s tree-lined residential lanes. Young professionals and recent college grads who visit the bars along Lexington and Third Avenues make it a popular neighborhood. Casual cafés, certain chain restaurants, and a few blocks known as “Curry Hill,” which has a large concentration of Indian restaurants, are among the many low-cost dining alternatives available.



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