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Online Dating Profile Photos Do’s and Dont’s

Online Dating Profile Photos Do’s and Dont’s

With Valentine’s day approaching, and so many people on online dating sites, here are some tips on posting photos on dating sites! This is very important because most people don’t get it right!

Are you doing your online dating photo right?

This is your first impression online, so let’s make it work for you. Some of these may seem counter to what you want, but trust me, you’ll get more matches if you follow these simple online photo guidelines.

  1. Use pictures of yourself that show your personality (travel photos, you having fun at your favorite restaurant, beach….. no bikini photos though)
  2. Minimum makeup and let your best features shine..Men…no baseball caps to hide your baldness…..let the baldness shine….
  3. Have a natural photo…..maybe a photo of you in workout gear if that’s your thing….if not you can have a photo of yourself at a social event.) If you are a socialite and that’s your thing, then you should resemble that in your profile.
  4. Have a mixture of photos, full body and close ups.
  5. Make sure they can see your face clearly and your body. Don’t look like you are hiding anything..
  6. Use clear, non blurry photos
  1. Do not post group photos (only yourself)
  2. Not too many photos with you cats and dogs! one photo ok but don’t look like a crazy cat lady or cat man!
  3. Don’t have glamours shots with lots of makeup
  4. Do not have photos in a bikini……. no shirtless pics for you either. That’s right the photo above, while it’s studly, it gives the wrong impression to a woman.
  5. Do not include bathroom selfies

Take your online dating profile seriously, and so will you potential matches. Getting guidance on your profile writing and images can also position you in the best most authentic light.