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Unusual Dating Trends in NY  

New York City is a trendsetter for nearly everything from fashion to finance to food. It’s also trend-savvy when it comes to socializing. The dating scene offers a myriad of ways for people to have fun dating and meet someone special. Singles in the city of New York get pretty frustrated with the meet market of speed dating along with apps like Tinder. There are 150,000 more single women in New York than there are men. This can feel pretty disheartening if everyone is placing value on a person’s looks.

The unique and unusual dating trends offered to singles in New York give them new hope. Dating from a different angle may have the potential to work while others have failed. Non-shallow campaigns in the realm of dating in New York help to negate one of the problems that singles face here, a skin-deep value system. Plus, these trends make dating exciting again.

Offbeat Speed-Dating Parties

Instead of a generic speed-dating parties, one dating app is helping people that don’t fit the mold come together. This comes from the overabundance of apps and dating experiences that are primarily focused on looks. The qualities of a person often get overlooked in the NYC dating scene but without those deeper aspects, what are you really left with? Swiping left because someone is hot or not will not create deep connections.

Dating in New York is challenging in part because of all the options so when you focus on what you want with themed dating, you cut out the competition in a sense. Some companies that help singles find each other are focusing on singles events that deviate from focusing on superficial parts of singles. One of the events is called “Size Matters” which is specially designed for tall people to connect. Men are actually measured at the door and have to fit the 6 foot 1 and over mark to enter. There is a firemen dating event called “Rescue Me” and even events for those who don’t want kids. This way of dating brings singles one step closer to successful connections because you’ve already got commonalities.

Paper Bag Dating

There is speed dating in New York City that consists of wearing a paper bag over your head. While it may sound strange, it’s to make a point that attraction isn’t all about looks. In a city where how you look is so important, this refreshing method of getting to know someone is catching on. You get to decorate your paper bag before putting it over your head. So you chat with singles just as though you were speed dating but you can’t see them. At the end, everyone unveils the paper bag from their head. If nothing else, it’s an interesting experience of perception and reality.

Self-Created Trends

Data has found that singles tend to like to do the same thing when it comes to dating. For example, many New Yorkers had their first date over tacos. Taco tours of Brooklyn became a popular trend in New York for a month. Once this went out of style, it was fondues for a first date. Then it was bring-your-own-beers. Not surprising that New Yorkers create their own unique trends within the dating scene.

While these trends are unusual, they were thought up to solve the New York City dating problems. Putting a paper bag over your head allows people to get to know who you really are, something that is often missed with other dating methods. Deeper connections are a greater possibility when people are more open and stop focusing on appearances. These dating trends are merely a way of bringing humanity back into dating.



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