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Sameera Sullivan - Head Matchmaker

Sameera Sullivan began a matchmaking service in 2012 (then called Lasting Connections) with the mission to create an innovative company that could provide the best elite matchmaking services and coaching to those looking for their ideal life partners. As someone with a background in executive recruiting, a mind for business, an education in Psychology &  Post Secondary Adult Education, and a passion for helping people find love, it seemed like becoming a matchmaker was nothing short of her destiny. Now, after excelling at this for over a decade, it’s clear she was right.

With a team of recruiters, coaches, and experts behind her, Sameera has succeeded in cultivating a stellar reputation by taking the best practices of both the matchmaking and headhunting/recruiting industries and combining them into a revolutionary new system that provides consistent, high quality results for her clients. Instead of sifting through existing databases and hoping “the right one” comes along for a client, Sameera uses executive recruiters who find exactly what a person is looking for, while at the same time she and her team of experts also work with each client individually to ensure they are equipped to achieve and maintain a healthy, mature, and satisfying relationship when they finally meet Mr/Ms Right.
As someone who cares deeply about people, Sameera has worked diligently since her company’s inception to evolve and refine the services she offers to the singles who walk through the door. She believes everyone deserves to find lasting love, and as a result is always inventing new and unique ways to help people from all walks of life attract and keep love in their lives. Besides the elite matchmaking services it is so famous for, Sameera Sullivan Matchmakers also offer a variety of other options based on each individual’s budget and needs, including Virtual Consulting services, an exclusive, confidential Singles Registry, Image Consulting services, Coaching packages, and even Luxury Singles Retreats, where women can revamp their love lives while exploring exotic and beautiful locations around the world.

When she isn’t focused on her business, Sameera focuses her time and her attention on the causes that mean most to her, including fighting sex trafficking worldwide, helping the homeless and refugees population, and shining a light on issues faced by men and women every day in first and third world countries due to poverty . She speaks multiple languages, and her love of travel means she has seen many different corners of the world. 


She currently spends time in New York City and Houston with her husband, Tim, and on the rare occasion when she has spare time loves reading, keeping up with current fashion trends, and is also a talented painter.

Mason Glenn - Gay Relationship Coach & Matchmaking Expert

Mason R. Glenn is a best-selling author that offers an astute perspective to true connection in the full spectrum of a gay man. Mason has been consistently inspired and intrigued by the thought process of gay men in their dating practices. As a professional matchmaker for many years, Mason has been able to transform the lives of individuals to feel the full capacity of unconditional love. Intuition has been his gift. Through the collection of his human experiences through his matchmaking career, he has a wealth of information of quantitative and qualitative data to share. There’s always some involvement in some street smarts, too! Mason is able to create a comprehensive dating plan that brings transformational success from all of these variables collectively.

Currently, Mason continues to write and work with matchmaking companies as an expert and pioneer in the field of gay dating and courtship. Mason actively contributes to blogs, podcasts, and leads seminars that celebrates his idea of being a “gayme” changer! His hope is that his voice aids gay men seeking something special that will make them better gay men for themselves, their loved ones, and fellow community.

Ashley Kaylor - Global Marketing and Recruiting Coordinator

With over a decade of matchmaking experience and a keen sense of intuition Ashley Kaylor has joined the Lasting Connection’s team as their Global Marketing and Recruiting Coordinator. 

Over the course of her career, Ashley has traveled the world recruiting hundreds of singles using both traditional and non-traditional resources and a network of established contacts to identify and attract “quality candidates.” 


Ashley’s experience has provided her with a unique perspective on different cultures, beliefs, and values allowing her to connect deeply with everyone she meets. Her unwavering curiosity, charismatic personality and direct approach serves her ability to understand an individual’s underlying and intangible qualities. Ashley and the Sameera Sullivan Matchmaking team of recruiters not only deliver, they also bring a sense of authenticity and honesty you won’t find anywhere else. 

Nancy Helgeson - Psychologist & Relationship Expert

Nancy brings to Sameera Sullivan Matchmakers over 25 years of experience as a licensed Marriage and Family Therapist and Board Certified Coach.  Through her private practice in San Diego she has focused on working with leaders and successful individuals throughout the world, and once she obtained her Certification as a Relationship Coach she also began working with individuals on their relationship and dating patterns.


Trained and certified to administer and interpret numerous psychological assessments, Nancy utilizes these tools to assist individuals in discovery about themselves, how to understand others, and how to present the best versions of themselves when dating and finding a mate.


Nancy evaluates all singles – both clients and matches – who come through our door.  By using her various assessment tools and her decades of experience, she is able to delve deeper into a person’s psyche than a basic personality test; identifying a client’s true wants and needs.  This enables the team to find clients their perfect match on a psychological and emotional level.

Cristina Morara - Matchmaker & Coach

Growing up in the Washington DC area, Cristina has always had a very positive attitude toward life and love. You’ll see it when you believe it has been her motto. Armed with a bachelor’s degree from Villanova University in Communications and Psychology, she headed to New York City where she worked for the top advertising agency, Ogilvy & Mather. It was during her third chilling winter that she decided it was time for East to meet West and she packed her bags for Venice Beach, California. Immediately she landed a job with a well-known casting director and learned the unique skills of ‘real people’ casting where she specialized in finding real people (rather than actors) for the right role for such brands as Nike, Adidas, Pepsi, etc. Although thriving in this fast-paced and creative environment, Cristina began to long for her culturally-rich Italian background and values….so she moved to Milan. She began working for a renowned production company as their in-house casting director and producer and landed a million-dollar Coca-Cola commercial with Academy-Award winning director John Madden.


Eventually she traded her production experience for the publishing world where she co-founded a cutting-edge, fashion and lifestyle international magazine and was the managing editor. It was during this time that she met the love of her life and got engaged.


A move to Sarasota, Florida to be closer to family led them to open a wine bar in a romantic bungalow from the 20’s. It was such a hit that patrons started asking the newlywed couple for dating advice; men would bring in their blind dates and ask Cristina to rate them afterwards, while women often asked for insight on how to find true love. This is where the idea for a matchmaking service began. After a decade of helping people make the most important decision of their lifetime, Cristina joined forces with Lasting Connections and runs the west coast office. She lives in Santa Monica with her Italian husband and their 4-year-old son.

Lisa Maria - COO / Global Matchmaker & Coach

Lisa Maria brings to Sameera Sullivan Matchmakers almost 20 years of experience within the dating industry as a leading international matchmaker and dating coach. Over the years, she has helped thousands of clients find and keep true love.


Lisa likes to say that she helps singles “get out of their own way” by working with them to dig deep and find out what has prevented them from finding success in love. She helps to identify and break bad dating patterns. She also works with clients on removing barriers to finding a lasting connection by sharpening communication skills, improving dating etiquette, building confidence, and providing relevant feedback after dates.


Lisa graduated from Purdue University with a double major in Sociology and Law and a double minor in Psychology and Communications.  She is also an avid reader and author. Her studies have enabled her to fully understand both the verbal and nonverbal mannerisms of communication and relationship dynamics. She has an unmatched ability to calm the people around her as she enables singles to see the very best in themselves.  Lisa considers it an amazing honor and blessing to be a part of someone’s journey to find love.



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