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What a great team of people!  From the very first meeting, I knew this was going to be a good experience.  They are a very light-hearted fun group of women but make no mistake they take their mission of matching you with the perfect match very seriously.  They take a sincere interest in you and what you are looking for and provide an exceptional service level.  From the initial consultation to the follow-up after each date the experience was fantastic.  I highly recommend Sameera’s service. ” – Avi, Client

Sameera Sullivan, Top matchmaker for Professional and Affluent Singles

Sameera Sullivan is one of the nation’s most successful matchmakers professionals and affluent individuals in Portland with unmatched experience. Her team’s expertise means you spend the least amount of wasted time on trial and error and more time dating a wonderful match.

If you are single, over 30, professional, and quite successful, it’s pretty challenging to find a mate in Portland. Portland is a challenging city when you are a successful man or a man looking to settle down over the age of 30. Men have it a bit easier but for women it’s very difficult. However, with so many new people moving to Portland, every day the dating pool is getting a bit better than it was a few years ago.



Men and women over 40 definitely have a hard time dating in this city and often look elsewhere. As a matchmaker, Sameera works with men and women who we often match with people outside of Portland since they are open to relocating in most cases or have a 2nd home somewhere else. 

How it works?

Depending on the package you apply for, you’ll be placed with either Sameera Sulivan or one of her matchmakers . We will guide you through a process that includes one-on-one coaching sessions, the chance to really get to know yourself and your needs in a relationship via in-depth personality profiling with one of our resident psychologists.

Sit back and enjoy the process. No more drain on your time looking for love (and as a bonus your matchmaker also vets your possible dates beforehand).

We understand the many frustrations that come with dating and developing a meaningful relationship, therefore we cater our process to the needs and wants of yours.


Sameera has been a great find and has saved me from the online dating drudgery. I no longer have to wade through endless inflated bios, and waste significant amounts of time and energy on countless emails, only to find out that the person is a terrible match when we finally meet. Those days are now a thing of the past.
Bill M.
Sameera's team has made a real difference in my life. My only regret in engaging them is that I should have done it immediately after my divorce, rather than a few years into it. The quality of people I have worked with is outstanding, the quality of matches have far exceeded any I could have found on my own, and it is a completely discreet process.
Sameera Sullivan is incredible as a matchmaker. She takes the time to get to know you personally, then applies that knowledge to search for the right woman that would fit your needs. She will leave no stone unturned until she finds you the women you want. Sameera is trustworthy and a great confidant. I highly recommend Sameera!
Sameera and her team helped me feel comfortable with meeting men with whom I had no previous contact, and are perceptive about what would make a good match for me. I’m very happy that I’ve made a great match with someone special.


Almost All Of Our Clients Have Been Referred To Us, And We Think That Says It All.

Ms. Sullivan dynamically leads her matchmaking team with years of experience in management-level professional recruiting, elite, professional matchmaking & private-client headhunting. Lasting Connections’ customized, concierge dating service is fully confidential — we work one-on-one with high-net-worth male clients who value our discreet yet enterprising methods.

We only work with a small group of clients at one time, ensuring unparalleled, personalized care, empathic listening, analytic prowess and intuitive grace. We call it “Heart-Reading,” and it creates a nuanced experience, providing a unique opportunity to delve into what you think you want in a mate, and what you need on deeper levels as well.

From in-depth personality analysis to breaking down your past relationships, to finding what subtle traits predict success, we are here to guide you. We’ll find out what makes you tick, what pushes your buttons, what makes you innately happy, and help you create the most exciting dates of your life. We’ll even help you refine your image, because women enjoy the “whole package” too.


Direct Private Access:

Available ongoing private access to Sameera personally

Highly Selective:

We vet and limit the number of one-on-one clients we take to ensure our attention is all on you.


We maintain strict confidentiality standards expected by notable and public figures.


Proprietary methods for decreasing time taken to find you the right match and time involved on your part.


Stop Dating App Madness:

End the cycle with professional, done-with-you help and consulting.

Professional Evaluation:

Our relationship expert and psychologist assists you in narrowing down what you really want in a match so that we can help you find them.


One-on-one dating and relationship coaching to get you on the fast track to satisfying experiences.

Comprehensive Personal Image Revamping:

From makeup and wardrobe, to photoshoots and profile setup, we will craft your best image with you.


Our service was launched in Portland in 2012, over the past decade we’ve curated thousands of single men and women in the Portland area and beyond.  

Portland is a great town for meeting very diverse and interesting people. However, as in other cities, Portland singles can get stuck in a cycle of low-commitment dating and have a hard time finding someone whom they can truly mesh with for more than just a date or two.


Sameera and her team specialize in concierge matchmaking for professionals and high net worth individuals. Our clientele generally does not like wasting time failing date after date to find someone they can create a committed relationship with. If you’re someone like that, fill out our application to setup your interview and we’ll help you get on the fast path to a lasting connection.

Maintaining a fresh and current database with standards as high as hours is not easy and takes a perpetual effort. We continuously foster referrals as well as actively network for highly qualified singles. Additionally, many singles who are interesting in being matched come directly to us through our registry and vetting process. 

Generally, matchmaking agencies that have preset pricing are able to do so by keeping customization low and maintaining high volume. They also tend to measure success by how many good dates they place rather than whether a match turns into a long term relationship. The later takes an enormous amount of highly tailored and skilled work. Thus, we do not publish preset prices for our services so that we can be flexible in creating just the right package for your unique situation.


Note that we also specialize in working with high net worth individuals who often have very strict requirements and standards. If you’re such an individual and you’re ready to meet a new long term connection, we welcome you to fill out our application and schedule your interview.

Sameera sullivan matchmakers Portland office

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If you’re a prospective client in Portland, we’re happy to have an in-person discussion with you at our office on 5th Avenue. To get an appointment, complete our application on the page that fits you:


Fill out the form and one of our matchmakers will reach out to you to chat about your options. We only work with a handfull of clients per year so you can rest assured that this is not a match firm that employs high pressure sales tactics. We can discuss your needs and provide simple transparent answers.

Find Love Today

Nothing can compare to the satisfaction we feel when we help a client find love. There can be no job more satisfying. Myself and each of my matchmakers simply thrive when we see the happiness our clients exude; but a successful “match” to many agencies often means something as simple as someone you are compatible enough with to date for a while. It takes so much more than that to find a lasting connection. That’s why we work hard to find more than your match.