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Elite Matchmaker in Phoenix

Working with Sameera’s team was seamless. They helped me quickly identify the type of girl I was looking for and the introductions started almost immediately. I have a busy life, managing my own company and co-parenting two kids; therefore their hassle-free approach was greatly appreciated.” 

– Michael, Client

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Sameera Sullivan, Top matchmaker for Arizona Professional and Affluent Singles

With great weather, world-class dining, and a vibrant nightlife that caters to sophisticated individuals, Arizona has something for everyone when you’re single and dating, yet The Grand Canyon State rates in the top 10 when it comes to the number of people over the age of 25 who aren’t married or in a serious relationship. Why? One can only speculate. 

If you have been discouraged in the past from failed attempts to find a great match, perhaps it is time to work with professionals. Where many have found Arizona a challenging place to find a lasting connection, with Sameera and her team in your corner your chances of finding ‘the one’ will skyrocket. 

Often, even accomplished, highly intelligent people waste time dating people who will never be compatible long term which wastes time and takes a serious emotional toll. With our psychology and personality based process, you can be sure that you will not be introduced to time wasters.

Sameera goes way beyond the usual ‘mutual interests’ approach that low-cost matchmaking agencies (dating mills) use. When we decide to accept a client, we’re in it for the long haul. We’re here to provide them with opportunities for long lasting or lifelong connections, not just dating introductions.

Sameera goes way beyond the usual ‘mutual interests’ type approaches that low-cost matchmaking agencies (dating mills) settle for.

How it works?

You will be placed with Sameera Sullivan, or one of her matchmakers depending on which package you choose. You will be guided through a process that includes one on one coaching sessions and the opportunity to really get to understand yourself and your needs as a partner. This is done via personality profiling with one our resident psychologists. We will then hand pick candidates from our membership or, if needed from our extended networks. We wont quit until we have found you the very best matches.

Relax and enjoy the process while we do the hard work
. Your matchmaker will evaluate your potential dates before you even start looking.

We know the frustrations of dating and building a meaningful relationship. Therefore, we tailor our process to meet your needs.


Sameera has been a great find and has saved me from the online dating drudgery. I no longer have to wade through endless inflated bios, and waste significant amounts of time and energy on countless emails, only to find out that the person is a terrible match when we finally meet. Those days are now a thing of the past.
Bill M.
Sameera's team has made a real difference in my life. My only regret in engaging them is that I should have done it immediately after my divorce, rather than a few years into it. The quality of people I have worked with is outstanding, the quality of matches have far exceeded any I could have found on my own, and it is a completely discreet process.
Sameera Sullivan is incredible as a matchmaker. She takes the time to get to know you personally, then applies that knowledge to search for the right woman that would fit your needs. She will leave no stone unturned until she finds you the women you want. Sameera is trustworthy and a great confidant. I highly recommend Sameera!
Sameera and her team helped me feel comfortable with meeting men with whom I had no previous contact, and are perceptive about what would make a good match for me. I’m very happy that I’ve made a great match with someone special.


Almost All Of Our Clients Have Been Referred To Us, And We Think That Says It All.

Ms. Sullivan dynamically leads her matchmaking team with years of experience in management-level professional recruiting, elite, professional matchmaking & private-client headhunting. Sameera’s customized, concierge dating service is fully confidential — we work one-on-one with high-net-worth male clients who value our discreet yet enterprising methods.

We only work with a small group of clients at one time, ensuring unparalleled, personalized care, empathic listening, analytic prowess and intuitive grace. We call it “Heart-Reading,” and it creates a nuanced experience, providing a unique opportunity to delve into what you think you want in a mate, and what you need on deeper levels as well.

From in-depth personality analysis to breaking down your past relationships, to finding what subtle traits predict success, we are here to guide you. We’ll find out what makes you tick, what pushes your buttons, what makes you innately happy, and help you create the most exciting dates of your life. We’ll even help you refine your image, because women enjoy the “whole package” too.


Direct Private Access:

Available ongoing private access to Sameera personally

Highly Selective:

We vet and limit the number of one-on-one clients we take to ensure our attention is all on you.


We maintain strict confidentiality standards expected by notable and public figures.


Proprietary methods for decreasing time taken to find you the right match and time involved on your part.


Stop Dating App Madness:

End the cycle with professional, done-with-you help and consulting.

Professional Evaluation:

Our relationship expert and psychologist assists you in narrowing down what you really want in a match so that we can help you find them.


One-on-one dating and relationship coaching to get you on the fast track to satisfying experiences.

Comprehensive Personal Image Revamping:

From makeup and wardrobe, to photoshoots and profile setup, we will craft your best image with you.



Exclusive 1:1 Matchmaking Services
Professional Photoshoot & Image Consulting
Consulting Services

Private Membership Services
Virtual Matchmaking & Consulting Program

Sameera Sullivan has created an exclusive membership just for women. Her team has spent years building this exclusive network so that the matchmaking process can be streamlined. This means that we may already have a great match just waiting for you today.  

Sameera has also expanded her Arizona network through partnership with a top Phoenix matchmaker.

Our male matchmaking services are 100% confidential with a 98% success rate. Each one of our clients is provided with an individual matchmaker and dating coach. Prior to any introductions, each woman has been background-checked and carefully screened to meet the high standards of our clientele. All matches are hand-picked from our nationwide pool of talented, beautiful, intelligent, physically fit and interesting women.

If you’re a single woman interested in applying to be apart of Sameera’s network, visit this page.

Sameera offers all priority registry members the opportunity to receive FIRST priority for dates with her clients, an in-depth interview with one of our professional matchmakers and access to Sameera’s most exclusive singles events.

In addition, Sameera has also designed a Virtual Matchmaking and coaching program specifically for her private female members. This private membership includes:

– Membership access where you will be considered first as a potential match for our Elite Matchmaking clients.

– Personalized, one-on-one date coaching with your personal consultant.

– Your personal consultant will create and manage profiles on your behalf on any dating sites of your choice.

– Initial evaluation by one of our licensed psychologists

– Photoshoot with a photographer, to have high quality photos to use on dating profiles.

Dating in Arizona can be hard, but it doesn’t have to seem impossible. Sameera’s network has grown in Arizona over the years to become the very best in the state. Additionally, Sameera’s extended network allows she and her team to find new potential matches with ease if needed. 

There are a few general categories of matchmaking or dating services in Phoenix (or any large city):

  • “Elite” matchmaking services
  • Standard matchmaking agencies
  • High-volume dating services

– While we don’t particularly like the term, “elite”, these services are boutique and offer bespoke engagements at premium retainers ranging from upper 5 to lower 6 figure fees. Typically this kind of engagement is somewhat open-ended with longer terms available. They also often involve NDA and confidentiality agreements so as to cater to high profile clients.

Standard – Standard matchmaking agencies are geared to offer standardized services and fewer custom capabilities. Often, these services involve limited personal engagement and very limited expertise. Few standard matchmaking agencies offer psychology-based evaluations and tend to focus on simple compatibility metrics.

High-volume – High-volume dating services are a step above a dating site. They offer a semblance of a personalized process but generally do not employ experts with training or expertise in relationships. The recommendations are based on software or templated approaches. These services are not recommended for finding long-term matches and most measure success simply on whether you have a good couple of dates. 

Roughly 90% of the agencies who advertise online fit within the standard or high-volume category.

Sameera Sullivan’s service fits primarily into the first category. While there are opportunities for lower touch engagements, Sameera has a history of working with only a small number of clients at a time so as to give them the highest possible level of attention. Additionally, with Sameera’s service, you don’t just benefit from an expert matchmaker, but also a team including psychology and relationship professionals. 

Most of Sameera’s clients are high net worth or professionals at the top of their games. They’re successful businessmen, CEO’s and CFO’s of Fortune 500 companies, surgeons, investors, and others in highly demanding careers. Most of Sameera’s clients are over 40. Her team works with straight and gay men, both looking for monogamous relationships. Sameera’s clients and female members are all very selective. 

Sameera sullivan matchmakers Phoenix office

Sameera Sullivan Matchmakers – Phoenix

112 N Central Ave

Phoenix, AZ 85004

(602) 755-7757

If you’re a prospective client in Phoenix, we’re happy to have an in-person discussion with you at our office down town. Please call us for your appointment.

You can also visit our Phoenix matchmaking partners for additional match opportunities.


Fill out the form and one of our matchmakers will reach out to you to chat about your options. We only work with a handfull of clients per year so you can rest assured that this is not a match firm that employs high pressure sales tactics. We can discuss your needs and provide simple transparent answers.

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