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Advice For Portland’s Many Singles

Advice For Portland’s Many Singles

Our Founder and CEO Sameera Sullivan was recently invited to speak on KGW’s Portland Today, addressing a surprising statistic: that it’s becoming almost more difficult for women in Portland, Oregon to meet a quality mate than it is for women in New York City!

Did you know that?

Were you aware that in general it’s harder for women to “date down” than it is for men?  That for a successful woman to be happy and fulfilled in a relationship, she often feels pressured to find a man of equal or greater success than herself, and that this often limits her options?

Sameera talks here about this surprising statistic, and also gives her advice on how women in Portland can fight back against this growing trend by expanding their options and keeping an open mind.  Just because a man might not be as financially successful doesn’t mean he isn’t your equal in emotional and mental intelligence, ladies!

For the full video, see below:

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