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The Best Outlook to Have When Looking for “The One” in NYC

While there are New York matchmaking agencies that will connect you with people that match your desires, it’s also your responsibility to act accordingly. You already know New York City can be a tough place to find a viable partner. With 9 million people, you think it would be easy to connect with like-minded dates and great partners. There is also a lot at play here and you have to keep your wits about you in the land of dating.

Here are some of the things to keep in mind when you’re going out on dates with someone who has real potential. Your outlook or view is what will help you convey who you are. Think of finding a partner as a nice addition to your life as opposed to becoming your whole life. You may find yourself getting excited at all you have in common but the wrong vibe can turn promise into disappointment. While we aren’t implying you should play games, you should remember to keep yourself intact with realistic expectations. Having a good outlook on the dating game in NYC when you’re looking for the one will help you connect with people.

Don’t Compromise

Nobody worth being with is going to want you to compromise your fundamental ideas and desires. Even if you are looking to commit, keep things casual at first. Subtly letting your date know that you’re dating other people can be to your advantage. This lets your date know that there are other people interested in you. This, in a sense, validates your date and also keeps them more interested. Men are competitive by nature and so they are more prone to vying for a woman’s attention. He is more likely to try to be his best to beat out his competition.

In New York City, there is a sense of laziness towards true connection as there are so many options. This shouldn’t invoke desperation in you. All said and done, you have a relationship with yourself to manage too. If you compromise too much, you’re less likely to leave any impression at all and you’ll probably be disappointed in yourself for doing so.

Know Yourself and Show That to Others

It might seem like a terrifying thing to be real because there’s a sense of vulnerability. Ultimately though, this is what makes you look strong. When you know who you are and are unapologetically  yourself, it’s attractive.

If you’re not a drinker, don’t let your date dictate a rooftop patio in Queens when you live in Manhattan. It’s about being comfortable in your own skin and showing that side of yourself. It’s highly alluring to spend time with someone who is assertive and sure of themselves. The passive aggressive nature doesn’t allow them to get to know you. So even if they do like you, you might not make it past the third date if your layers start to fall and you’re not the person they thought you were. Keep it real and be confident in the person you are.

Maintain Your Composure No Matter What

When you do know yourself well, you’re not going to let someone drag you into their drama. When you keep things real, you can help your date do the same. In New York City, when someone is truly looking for love, they may be guarded. They might even try to sabotage the date so they don’t have to face disappointment. Don’t judge them or become offended by it. Just look at it all mindfully and see if you can’t try to turn the conversation around. If you’re able to help them take their own edge off, it will likely be a memorable experience for them. If you can leave someone feeling better than they felt before, that’s going to stick in their mind.

Embrace Your Independence

As you navigate the dating scene, be kind to the people you meet but don’t give too much up for them. If you really like someone but they are always calling the shots, they may start to take you for granted. Keep yourself busy doing other things that matter to you. If they want to do something, make sure it suits your calendar. This might seem hard to do but it’s attractive when someone has interests and holds them in high regard.

It’s important to remain open-hearted throughout the process. This is how you allow yourself to the let the right person into your life. With the right help from professionals, you will be given matches that truly want what you want. This allows you to be yourself in a way that opens the door for true romance and partnership. When you are yourself, you leave an impression. This gives you a greater chance of more dates with a viable partner.


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