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Can Dating Help You Get More Out of New York?

Dating in New York comes with its ups and downs but at the end of the day, you can experience more in the city with someone else. This might make it more appealing to get yourself out there and start going out on more dates. It’s a lot more fun to go to the David Zwimmer Gallery in Chelsea and check out the latest exhibits with someone else who would appreciate it.

It’s especially exciting to share it with someone you could actually go out on a second date with. There may be reasons you’ve been holding back on the New York dating scene but frame it so you have company with someone doing something you didn’t want to do yourself. No matter where you live in NYC or what your walk of life is, there’s certainly people out there to match your interests and lifestyle.

Change of Perception is Good for the Dating Scene

When you think of going out on dates, you may give off a vibe. It could be desperation or perhaps an icy demeanor. If that date was going to lead you to an event or restaurant you’ve been dying to go to, the pressure isn’t so high. Your perception changes when you get to for a jazz brunch in the afternoon at The Leopard at des Artistes in Manhattan.

Not only do you get to know your date but you get to do it in a city that offers so much. NYC can actually teach you a lot about your date without them telling you. Say they want to take you to Wine Riot in Brooklyn or a similar event, you know they’re really into wine. If you are too, there’s already a foundation.

You have the opportunity to do a “couple-like event” you wouldn’t otherwise attend. You can jump on board of the vintage Navy Yard ship, also known as the Water Table. Have some drinks as you float down the East River. It’s a dining experience specifically for couples.

You Get Out of Your Comfort Zone

As a single, you may be doing the same thing week after week. Netflix during the week, drinks with the crew at the same establishment on Thursday nights, a movie with a friend on Saturday night and the Sunday Farmers Market.

When you start dating in New York City, you have an unlimited amount of events and experiences that are meant for two people. It allows you to shake things up and really take advantage of this fantastic, exciting city. Your date might have some ideas too. There are so many new concept restaurants popping up or you can take in a rooftop drink that overlooks the city.

A date is a great excuse to have a drink at a rooftop bar. There is one in every burrough and they all have stunning views of the city skyline. Gallow Green in Chelsea is a romantic nook with a great atmosphere. If you’re looking for views, 230 5th Rooftop Bar in Midtown offers it.
Aside from food and drinks, there is always some new and fascinating adventure you can try with your date. Trapeze class anyone? Maybe a climbing adventure? The Cliffs at LIC are a great place for like-minded adventurous souls. You can climb tall walls together and show off your muscle tone.

Dating Diversity Means New Adventures

As New York City is crammed full of people, you have an incredible variation of potential dates. With so much diversity, there is bound to be many different interests in the people you meet. That means if you’re open to everything New York City has to offer, you could be swept away into someone’s world.

Maybe they’re an artist, a politician, or a librarian. Who knows what they’ll show you. You also have the opportunity to meet someone who is a lot like you. That hold its own intrigue because you can navigate the city together doing things that both excite you. Whoever you end up dating, there are as many options of types of people as there are things to do.

For example, if your date is passionate about literature, they may want to show you the literary pub crawl at White Horse Tavern. You can learn all about Hemingway and take the tour of the Greenwich Village. Along the way, there are plenty of bars to grab a beer at. You’ll learn everything you need to know about the history of writers in the area.

You don’t live in New York to play it safe. You are in a constant phase of developing yourself. While you can learn plenty about the people you date, you also learn a lot about yourself in the process. Maybe you’re a natural at climbing. NYC attracts people with intense personalities or causes people to increase in intensity the longer they’re here. They aren’t afraid to hurt your feelings and don’t have a lot of time to waste on things that don’t work.

Due to this intensity, you learn fairly quickly about yourself in the dating scene. It doesn’t take long before you sift out the kind of person you’re not into from the kind of person you do like. You’ll become quickly apt to saying ‘no’ and ‘goodbye’ when something doesn’t resonate with you. In the process, you’ll get to take in all the magic and events of the city.



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