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Financial Infidelity: Getting Naked With Your Spouse is the Only Answer!

Financial Infidelity: Getting Naked With Your Spouse is the Only Answer!

What is Financial Infidelity? And, Can it Really Kill your Relationship?

We don’t hear of it as often because it’s really not talked about enough. I have been talking about this topic all over the media lately especially after an article came out Just in time for Valentine’s day, a survey shows that about 7 million Americans have hidden a bank or credit card account from their spouse or significant other.

It’s very easy to lie to your spouse about a very small purchase and then start lying more in the future about bigger purchases, and soon it becomes a shopping addiction, gambling, trading stocks, or collecting antique cars in your friends garage! Think about it, if you lost a bunch of money in trading stocks and you don’t want your spouse knowing about how much money you lost. Instead of telling them the truth, you think you have it under control and get a credit card to float the expenses for the time being.

White Lies Lead to a Slippery Slope.

Soon, the credit card debt is very large and you cannot manage it anymore. Now you are in big trouble financially and your spouse is starting to get an idea about what’s going on. You may have started this whole thing with good intentions but it ends in a really bad way!

This is a great example of financial infidelity and a pattern that many people can fall into, which prevents them from making a lasting connection. To avoid something like this from happening, you have to be completely naked with your spouse and share everything with them! Don’t use your savings to trade stocks and then end up with nothing. Talk to your partner and make a decision together where you should be investing your money! Poor planning prevents you from having a good retirement and also can affect your children’s college planning and funding. This all takes a huge toll on a relationship.

Flirting with Financial Infidelity can Doom your Relationship, just like Real Flirting.

Financial infidelity is just like any other infidelity, which starts with a little flirting that turns into a horrific affair. With financial infidelity, one small lie turns into a bigger lie possibly draining the family financially and also ruining relationships. Children also get affected by things like this.

For newly married couples, it’s important that you are completely transparent with your spouse about your student loans, credit card debts, repossessions, and anything financial. You want to start a relationship based on trust and respect! Don’t hide things that can come to bite you later on and will ruin your marriage!

Open and Honest Communication with your Partner is Key to Creating a Lasting Connection.However, financial infidelity can be stopped if you realize early enough to recognize the signs and to start communicating the truth with your partner – only then can you start to forge Lasting Connections! Get naked with them and become completely transparent!