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NYC Neighborhoods – Battery Park City

On the west side of the southern tip of the island of Manhattan in New York City, there is a planned community and neighborhood called Battery Park City, which is 92 acres and primarily residential. It is bordered on the west by the Hudson River, on the north and south by the Hudson River shoreline, and on the east by the West Side Highway and the Hudson River. The Battery, formerly known as Battery Park, is located directly to the south of the area and provides the inspiration for the name.

More over one-third of the property is dedicated to parkland and open space. Over 3 million cubic yards of soil and rock excavated during the building of the World Trade Center and other projects, as well as sand dredged from New York Harbor off the coast of Staten Island, were used in land reclamation on the Hudson River to create the land upon which it is constructed. Brookfield Place (previously known as the World Financial Center), as well as various other buildings planned for residential, business, and retail use, are all located in the neighborhood. Battery Park City is a neighborhood in Manhattan’s Community District 1 (MCD1). The 1st Precinct of the New York City Police Department is in charge of patrolling the area.

Battery Park City is an affluent neighborhood with high-rise buildings overlooking the Hudson River. Walking distance from Wall Street, it’s a calm neighborhood with plenty of amenities. In this area, there are a variety of parks, restaurants, grocery stores, movie theaters, and cafes. You get the feel of a “little village” while still being close to the rush and bustle of the city. Battery Park City, which is located along the Hudson River, is mostly a residential district comprised of premium high-rise apartment complexes. Casual eateries and pubs attract professionals from the adjacent Financial District during the weekday workday. Even while the area slows down on weekends, people are drawn to the multi-story Brookfield Place shopping store and the bike-friendly paths of the riverfront park, which both attract locals and visitors.

The current residential areas of Battery Park City are divided into two pieces by Brookfield Place: the northern section and the southern section. The northern half of the city is entirely composed of enormous, 20–45-story structures that are all painted in varying colors of orange. South of the Winter Garden and within Brookfield Place are residential apartment complexes such as Gateway Plaza and the Rector Place apartment buildings, which are both located on the edge of Brookfield Place. Battery Park City’s residential areas are concentrated in this sector, which is divided into three sections: Gateway Plaza, a high-rise building complex; the “Rector Place Residential Neighborhood”; and the “Battery Place Residential Neighborhood.”



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